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CRC Industries PhaseGuard4 Ethanol Treatment

A Cure for Ethanol Fuel Including: Water in the Gas - Phase Separation and Other E10 Gasoline Woes

It's no secret ethanol blends of gasoline suffer from a host of nagging problems, things like water in fuel, chronically plugged fuel filters and corrosion. One solution is CRC's PHASEGUARD4 fuel additive.

PhaseGuard4 for Ethanol fuel problems

CRC's PHASEGUARD4 fuel additive protects against phase separation, where water attracted by the ethanol separates from the gasoline and forms a separate layer on the bottom of the tank. When that happens the fuel system draws water instead of gasoline.

CRC PHASEGUARD4 contains a robust corrosion protection that generates a passivation layer that prevents oxidation of metals. Its additives absorb water into its matrix, allowing the water to flash off in the combustion chamber. Besides preventing phase separation, PHASEGUARD4, with it's 4-in-1 formula, also cleans the entire fuel system, stabilizes gasoline for daily use as well as long-term storage and restores engine power and performance. It's compatible with all gas-powered 2- and 4-stroke engines. That means outboard motors, inboards, stern drives as well as personal watercraft.

Available in both eight- and 16-ounce bottles the treatment ratio is a single ounce per 10 gallons, or for extended storage, one ounce per five gallons. What's really neat about this product is its built-in measuring jigger. So instead of under- or over-dosing the fuel, it gets the exact dosage required.

Old timers used to strain contaminated gasoline through chamois to pull out the water. Hint: First soak the rag in uncontaminated gasoline then lay it in a funnel.