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Who We Are

No big surprise from its title, this is a marine engine specific web entity is replete with loads of Information and news about outboard motors, gas and diesel inboards, stern drives and pod drives as well as Do-It-Yourself marine engine repairs. We gather information directly from the world's marine engine manufacturers with whom we have built decades-long relationships. Our writers and editors regularly travel to company headquarters and also attend on-the-water press functions where we diligently run boats, gather engine performance data and test reliability.

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What We Do

The Marine Mechanic Do-It-Yourself section details troubleshooting methods, tools and techniques for the repair of marine engines and components. The DIY articles are essentially notes compiled from our marine mechanics boasting many year's worth of hands-on, knuckle-busting experience working on outboard motors, sterndrives and inboard marine propulsion systems. The projects we detail can be undertaken by any reasonably competent wrench bender.

Who We Serve

Our stories are aimed at anyone who might be interested in learning about what's new, with the aim of staying up to date on the latest marine engine technology, as well as someone on the other end of the spectrum, the beginning boater simply wanting to learn which style of propulsion would work best for them.

What We Offer Our Readers

In a word, we offer free learning moments. Readers pay us nothing to read our online article. We will not ask for your your email address. Our only hope is that you enjoy the information we share.

About Our Editors and Writers

Our stories are written by marine industry experts who grew up on the water and who live and breathe boating. Our team of writers all belong to Boating Writer's International BWI, a non-profit professional organization consisting of writers, broadcasters, editors, photographers, public relations specialists and others in the communications profession associated with the boating industry

Timothy P. Banse

Our Executive Editor, Timothy P. Banse, grew up on the Mississippi River and has worked in the United States and abroad as a marine mechanic and service manager. Click on the link (above) to read details of his credentials.

Binnie Smith

Binnie Smith is a self-described river rat who grew up in a rustic cabin situated on Beaver Island, smack in the middle of the Mississippi River. As a teen he ran trot lines from his 20-foot Monarch brand Jon boat powered by an Evinrude 18-horsepower outboard motor. Running the boat everyday he soon learned how to service and repair the old two-stroke. Naturally it followed, he was soon fixing friend's ailing outboards and lending sage advice on boating topics. After a two-year stint in the Army as a clerk typist, Binnie used the GI Bill to become a certified marine engine technician. These days Binnie Smith runs his own repair shop and writes books on nautical topics. In his spare time Mr. Smith writes how-to articles for Marine Engine Digest

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